The most basic ways to apply beautiful lipstick to women

1. Paint without brush

Brushing without a brush is still beautiful if you apply it correctly. First, you rub the lipstick in the middle of the lower lip, then gently bring the lipstick from the sides of the lip to the lips, remember to use their sharp tips to adjust for it! Similarly with the upper lip, you take the tip of the lipstick to start from the middle, spread to form a heart shape, and then apply like the other side.

Finally, you use a light cotton swab to wipe away the smudges, making the contour more soft, sharper.

If your lipstick is too glossy or too bold, dab your lips on a tissue paper, they will help your lips look as beautiful as possible, creating a harmonious look without affecting the overall. With lip cream, creating borders is much easier. You just need to skillfully move the palm tree according to the lips.

In addition, there are also great tips for super clumsy girls, stick tape around your mouth so that they fit close to the lip border, then fill up with gas, eventually just peel off the tape. That’s it, the lips will look great.

2. Pursed lips

Not every girl wants to create a contour, but if you want to put on lipstick, giving you a youthful, soft feel, this suggestion is very good. You apply lipstick on the lower lip and then press it a few times to keep the lipstick sticking to the upper lip, apply lipstick again and apply it until you reach the desired color. However, this method is only suitable for long-lasting lipsticks, while hard-wearing lipsticks will be a bit difficult because they dry very quickly.

3. Use your finger

Surely every girlfriend has used her fingers to spread lipstick before. But to the best, you should use 2 lipsticks are lip balm color and cream lipstick / lipstick darker. Once you’ve applied your lip balm, apply a little lipstick on your lower lip, apply it to the lip to apply on your upper lip, and spread your fingers evenly across your lips, which will help your lips look more natural.

4. Use concealer

The professional lipstick girl also always makes use of concealer to hide smudges, lip lines intelligently. In addition, they are also a great help for you to adjust your lips, from thick to balanced or sexy heart shape. Apply lipstick to lips as usual, you dot concealer cream on the 2 edges. If you want to use a ombre-like lipstick, apply 4 points between the upper and lower lips and use a soft tip to evenen the color.

Lipstick has long been considered true to our women, right? But, possessing countless lipstick is not equal to grasping the secret to applying lipstick how to be beautiful and attractive. Hopefully the lipstick in the article will help her more confident when makeup. Share the article if you find useful information for her!


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