The culprit causes infertility in men

Many recent studies show that in just over two decades, the sperm concentration of men has decreased by about 50%. Depending on the place that this number moved up and down a bit but were very … startled. That may be the direct impact of many different factors, of which food quality plays a very important role. Foods such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes … are absolutely not good for male reproductive health.

Factors determining fertility

Egg quality, quantity and quality of sperm are the key to having a healthy baby. Studies have shown that men also suffer from reduced fertility over time as women. Sperm can be deformed and become disabled as the man begins to age. However, age is not the only factor affecting fertility, but lifestyle choices, lifestyle habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol are two common factors that affect fertility.

Smoking affects conception

The majority of men only think that tobacco is a carcinogen, respiratory-related diseases, cardiovascular, affecting the fetus … but it is not known that tobacco affects the quantity and quality. sperm. Smokers will reduce sperm count and motility, increase sperm death and abnormal shape and function. Regular smokers have lower levels of protamine in sperm compared to non-smokers. These proteins play an important role in cell division and they ensure that chromosome formation takes place properly during conception.

Animal testing has shown that nicotine and benzene-based aromatics in cigarettes can cause testicular atrophy or sperm deformity. In humans, the amount of sperm decreased or less depends on the amount of cigarettes smoked, the more severe the drug addicts, the clearer this is. More dangerous, tobacco also seriously reduces blood flow to the men’s department, in some cases impotence. Quitting smoking can significantly improve sperm quality, or prevent further deterioration.

Nicotine in tobacco smoke is harmful not only to men, but also to women. Exposure to nicotine can cause tubal constriction, which increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. In addition, smoking causes inflammation of the reproductive system that makes it difficult for sperm to penetrate the egg.

Alcohol and conception

Similar to smoking, regular use of alcohol also causes fertility problems. Alcohol use can cause hypothalamic disorders, including changes in men’s department structure, testicular insufficiency and decreased serum testosterone levels … Consequently, the number of sperm released will be less than normal and some large of these sperm are not healthy enough to make a long journey to reach and match the woman’s egg. Decreased man out concentration and a percentage reduction in the normal coincidence can be found in chronic alcohol and tobacco users.

Women who consume alcoholic beverages before pregnancy also have some harm. This drink reduces the chance of conception and increases the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, in order for the conception to go smoothly, the experts recommend that couples stop smoking and drinking alcohol. The abstinence should take place about 3 months before the pregnancy plan to achieve maximum effect.

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