Revealed armpit hair removal at home for you

Using olive oil masks is one of the eva home remedies for armpits. Olive oil not only helps remove hair quickly, this natural mask when combined with other natural ingredients also helps to whiten the skin and improve pigmentation effectively.

How to remove armpit hair with extra virgin olive oil

Using olive oil hair removal is not too strange for you. Thanks to containing many nutrients that are very good for the skin, olive oil helps to whiten skin and hair removal effectively. This natural mask is also very safe without irritation.

How to do: Clean the skin thoroughly with warm water and pour a generous amount of olive oil on the palm. Then, you apply evenly to the skin need to remove hair, combined with gentle massage for about 15 minutes to the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin. Finally, clean your skin thoroughly with warm water, wipe dry and apply moisturizing rose water. Applying the home armpit hair removal of these eva 2-3 times / week, the hairs will weaken and gradually fall out naturally.

How to remove armpit hair with olive oil, honey, lemon

According to research, the lemon contains natural acid and vitamin C that exfoliates, removes bruises and honey helps whiten the skin effectively. Therefore, when combined these 3 ingredients together will form a rapid armpit hair removal mixture.

Method: Mix all 3 ingredients together in a proper proportion to form a smooth mixture. Then, you apply the mixture evenly after cleaning the skin thoroughly with warm water. Lie down and do a gentle massage for about 20 minutes and then wash your skin again with water. Apply this formula at least 2 times / week, after the 3rd month, you will be surprised at the effect you receive.

How to remove armpit hair with olive oil and tomatoes

In addition to the eva armpit hair removal methods of the above eva, the application of olive and tomato oil masks also brings very good hair removal effect. This method is also popular with women because it is safe, easy to perform at home and cost-effective.

Method: First, puree a tomato and mix with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. The next step, you clean the skin area to remove hair with warm water so that the pores are dilated and better absorb nutrients from the mask. Then, you apply the mixture evenly to the skin, combined massage for about 15 minutes. Or you can put tomatoes into thin slices and rub gently on the skin. As a final step, clean your skin thoroughly with warm water, pat dry, and apply moisturizer.

Above is how to remove armpit hair at home of the eva with olive oil you can refer and apply. The advantage of this method is safe, easy to implement and cheap. However, the drawback of this method is that it requires women to spend a lot of time on implementation and the effect is only temporary. Therefore, in order to get a long-lasting hair removal effect, women should apply modern hair removal technology at prestigious beauty establishments.


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