How to lose 10 pounds in 1 month without using drugs

Losing weight, keeping in shape has never been easy. This is true for both men and women, if you do not have a rational, scientific method. However, if you know how, you can completely reduce the need for success. Refer now how to lose 10kg in 1 month without using the drug fastest.

1. Why should not take medicine to lose weight?

The current weight loss drugs on the market are often advertised as fast weight loss, rapid weight loss, … but with countless potential negative effects on the body.

The current weight loss drugs are divided into the following 3 main categories:

  • Medicines create a feeling of fullness
  • The drug causes anorexia
  • Transition drugs help increase fat metabolism in the body
  • The drug causes rapid dehydration

It may be hard to believe, but almost 100% of today’s weight loss pills contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.

Drugs that cause dehydration will cause your body to lose weight very quickly. This is because 70% of our bodies are water. Over time, it will cause confusion, dehydration, accumulation of toxins, depression, many cases also lead to death. Especially, it is extremely easy to gain weight again when you stop taking the drug. Likewise, the remaining drugs all have side effects for the body such as body suppression, bloating, flatulence, insomnia, fatigue, …

2. How to lose 10kg in 1 month fastest

Losing weight is a long process, requiring perseverance, high determination, not giving up. Should not take shortcuts such as taking weight loss pills, in the long run it is very harmful to the body. To lose weight quickly about 10kg a week, you should apply the following scientific ways:

3. About diet

Reduce calorie intake

Nutrition plays a very important role in any weight loss regimen. The top rule for successful weight loss is that the calories consumed must be greater than the calories consumed.

According to research, to lose 0.5-1kg / week you will need to cut about 500-1000calo / day. Therefore, priority should be given to choosing low-calorie foods such as celery, seaweed, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, white, watercress, spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, and tubers. cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrot, … Low calorie fruits like: blueberry, raspberry, apple, pineapple (pineapple), strawberry, watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, …

Split into several small meals

The trick for you is that instead of eating a lot of the 3 main meals, you should divide the amount of food in 3 main meals into 3 main meals and 3 snacks. This will help you control the amount of food you eat, reduce your cravings and avoid the temptation of foods that are not good for weight loss. For snacks, you should eat fruits, salads, green vegetables, cereals, yogurts, smoothies, …

Do not have dinner after 7:00

The habit of not having dinner after 19:00 should be applied regardless of whether or not you are on a weight loss regime. This helps the digestive system to be healthy, functioning better. Moreover, after 7:00 pm, you tend to exercise less and rest more after a day of hard work, so food is easily converted to fat, making you gain weight.

Add plenty of fiber

Fiber is almost the most important group of substances for people planning to lose weight. Foods high in fiber are found mostly in green vegetables, oats, low-sugar fruits, radishes, pumpkins, oats, …

This food group is extremely low in calories, but creates a feeling of fullness for longer, avoids cravings, and also provides a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

Protein is indispensable

Protein, although high in nutrients for the body, is low in calories. Moreover, protein is also an indispensable group of substances to function in the body.

In particular, when you eat protein, your body has to burn more calories to digest these molecules. You can both burn calories and feel full for longer. Therefore, lose weight, never forget this group of substances.

Cut back on carbs

Starch is often recommended to cut down on weight loss diets because of its very high caloric content.

Drink a lot of water

Nutritionists have recommended that you drink water anytime, anywhere. Should not drink until thirsty body. To lose weight, limit cravings, you should drink water at times such as early morning when you wake up and before meals.

Drink green tea every morning

Green tea is a food with extremely high levels of antioxidants that few foods can keep up with. Drinking green tea in the morning will stimulate the burning of excess fat in the body, effective weight loss. Also you can drink 1 cup of green tea before each meal has the same effect.

4. Practice mode

Increase Cardio exercises

If you want to lose weight fast, in addition to nutrition, you must have a reasonable exercise regimen. Cardio exercises to burn fat are the first choice for you.

Basic Cardio exercises such as: punching, jogging, knee-lift, butt-touch jogging, plank, rope-skipping, spot jump, push-ups, cross-legged climbing exercises, bar-inhalation, …

Go to the gym

Exercising not only helps you have a firmer and more beautiful body, but also very good support for your health. Because if you only lose weight by cutting down on nutrition and diet, the body will be very tired, drowsy, and lifeless.

You will also effectively lose excess fat thanks to the exercises that work directly on the muscle groups. Since then, your muscles are firmer, your physique is also thinner. Exercise will also help you practice discipline and perseverance to achieve your goals.

5. Weight loss menu for 7 days


Breakfast: 1 cup of fresh milk without sugar

Lunch: 2 apples and 2 potatoes or potato soup.

Dinner: Vegetable salad and chicken breast.


Breakfast: 1 boiled egg and an orange.

– Lunch: low-fat cheese, a whole sour fruit, 1 cup of potato soup.

Dinner: Vegetable salad and chicken.


Breakfast: 1 cup of Whey protein milk

Lunch: Boiled vegetables and 1 boiled egg.

Dinner: vegetable and fish salad.


Breakfast: Half a sweet potato

Lunch: Stir-fried chicken breast with mushroom, salad

Dinner: boiled or fried vegetables, depending on your preference.


Breakfast: 1 avocado smoothie

Lunch: A plate of boiled vegetables and chicken salad.

– Dinner: Green salad, some grapefruit packs and 2 hard boiled eggs.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and cucumbers

Lunch: Fruits are less sour.

Evening: Salad and boiled chicken


Breakfast: 1 boiled egg and 1 slice of black bread

Lunch: Chicken breast salad.

Dinner: Boiled chicken and vegetables or stir-fried vegetables.

Above are the detailed instructions on how to lose 10kg in 1 month without using the drug fastest that many people have applied and successfully. Combine nutrition and exercise to get back in shape as quickly as possible.

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