How to choose the right eyebrow for each face

It can be said that eyebrows are an extremely important position on the face. A beautiful eyebrow not only brightens your face but also helps you to conceal your imperfections. However, many women are “fumbling” in choosing eyebrow designs to suit their faces. The following article we would like to share the beautiful eyebrow shape for each person, you should not ignore it!

Beautiful eyebrows for an oval face

The oval face is the standard face shape that can fit most eyebrows. However, to enhance the softness, elegance and grace of the face, the horizontal eyebrows, slightly arched will be the most reasonable choice. You just need to shape the eyebrow pencil and then use it as you like. With this face, you should not let the eyebrows be straight, but should be horizontal and softly intertwined to balance the two sides.

Beautiful eyebrows for a square face

The downside of the square face is that the edges on the face are too clear, making the face hard, lacking in softness. The task of the eyebrows in this case is to help the face become softer, more feminine. The square face needs the bow shape to balance the facial contours. However, you should put the head, middle and tail of the eyebrows have the same width to help create the feeling that the eyebrows are too small or too sharp compared to the square face shape.

In addition, the curvature of the eyebrows is closely related to the angled jaw of this face. So, the more square the face is, the higher the top of the eyebrow and vice versa. The eyebrow shape suitable for square faces is similar to that of round faces.

Beautiful eyebrow shape for round face

The round face gives you a kindness that makes you younger longer than other faces. The purpose of the eyebrows for a round face to lengthen the face. Therefore, cosmetic experts recommend you to choose an arched eyebrow shape but there is still a sharp line from the center of the eyebrow to the tail. This way of shaping will help you create sharp up-and-down lines, making the face less full and feeling longer.

Beautiful eyebrow shape for long face

In contrast to the round face, you have a longer face, a length greater than the width and the measurements between the forehead, cheekbones and jaws are similar. Therefore, the shape of the eyebrows in a straight line extending through the tail of the eye towards the top of the ear is preferable. This type of eyebrow will help reduce the length of the face and become more harmonious and more symmetrical. With the unique shape of this face, it is absolutely incompatible with horizontal eyebrows even though it is currently a hot trend.

With a long face, you need to emphasize the head more than the middle and the tail of the eyes. Then, draw a line through the corner of the eye upwards. This will help shorten your face significantly.

Beautiful eyebrow shape for the face of the heart

The face of the heart is the downside is that the chin is too small and the forehead is big. To overcome these disadvantages, you should draw the eye line shorter than the standard eyebrow line, the eyebrow shape is lowered and slightly horizontal. Such eyebrows will make your face become more balanced and harmonious.

Outward remittance

– If you want to pluck eyebrows very accurately, use white pencil to paint in the eyebrow line before plucking or shaving along the line just drawn.

– Eyebrows should be the same color as the hair color. Therefore, use colored mascara for eyebrows if your hair is dyed too bright.


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