How to apply a cucumber mask to help white skin turn on tones

Busy work, dull black skin, dull gray, not even recognize himself in the mirror by the old face to a few years old. Thanks to the reference and patiently follow the instructions to apply the cucumber mask, my skin turned tone and white again.

Is a cucumber mask daily good?
According to scientific studies, 95% of the main ingredient in cucumber is water. Moreover, cucumbers contain a lot of vitamin C, fiber and minerals of silica, zinc, magnesium … Bao cucumbers are such as “panacea” whitening as well as minimize melasma, freckles and wrinkles effectively.
Another advantage comes from this natural ingredient, which is unlike tomatoes, oatmeal, chicken eggs … a daily cucumber mask is suitable for both dry, oily and combination skin. Particularly sensitive skin, peeling acne, you should not use cucumber!

How to make a cucumber mask skin care
About whitening with cucumber mask daily, you just need to perform some simple steps as follows:

Cover the mask with fresh cucumber
Covering victims with fresh cucumber is very simple but effective, which surely makes you surprised.

  • Wash cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.
  • Apply cucumber slices on your face, keeping this mask for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with warm water, then rub a soft cloth wrapped in ice rub all over the skin.

After about 4 weeks, 2-3 times a week to apply cucumber mask daily, the skin will become softer and more evenly colored. In addition to this whitening method, you can also refer to some other ways that are shared a lot by women on forums.

Cucumber mask and fresh milk
Cucumber and fresh milk both contain many nutrients that help brighten, smooth skin. This is a smart combination for “spotless” skin.

  • Mix cucumber juice with fresh milk at 1: 1 ratio.
  • Next, add a few drops of rose water and apply the mixture on your face.
  • Massage gently for 2-3 minutes in a spiral direction, lifting facial muscles, avoiding sagging and sagging skin.
  • After 15 minutes, use warm, cool water to clean your face and shrink pores.

Applying cucumber mask of fresh milk not only helps whitening but also provides many vitamins, nutrients for the skin. Because fresh milk is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, especially the high content of lacic acid in this product is a natural cleansing and brightening active ingredient.

Note when applying cucumber mask

Not too abusive
But like all natural masks, you should only apply cucumber mask, fresh milk no more than 3 times / week. Because cucumber or fresh milk both contain acid compounds, the abuse of beauty from these materials will cause the skin to lose its natural protective oils, become weak before the outside agents, from which it is easy to irritation, redness, itching, sunburn…

One more note, I see quite a lot of women in the process of beauty taking advantage of watching movies, surfing facebook … and even oversleeping, not removing the mask, cleaning the skin. This is not good for skin health.

Similar to other parts of the body, after a long day of work, the skin needs to be provided with vitamins and minerals as well as relaxation, rest to regenerate cells, restore vitality.

Apply to face no more than 20 minutes
And you should only apply a cucumber mask daily for 15-20 minutes is sufficient, avoid making the skin “suffocate”, clogged pores, acne prone as well as hindering the process of production, development new cell. You should note the time for the best effect offline!

Clean the skin before applying
To ensure effective, safe, you need to choose fresh, green and young cucumbers. Before applying cucumber mask daily or any other type of mask, do not skip the step of cleansing and drying your skin! This step is quite important to remove dirt, bacteria build up, help open pores, skin better absorb vitamins and minerals.

Check for irritation
And although cucumber masks are inherently benign, friendly to most skin types, you should also try the irritation of the skin when exposed to this material. The test is very simple, you just need to use thinly sliced ​​cucumber to cover the skin of your hands, so that it will take time to see what happens, if there is no reaction, then apply it on your face.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen
In the process of daily masking cucumber beauty, the skin is now regenerating new cells should be quite “weak” before the outside harmful agents, especially very easy to catch the sun – one of the causes skin causes darkening, melasma …

Therefore, make sure you protect your skin by applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside, using a mask, face mask and sunglasses!


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