How does chocolate affect health?

A study has shown that “Chocolate is good for health” has been published. However, the study also included the condition that “if you do not eat too much Chocolate”.

How many calories are in Chocolate?

With just one chocolate, you have enough energy to walk up to 46m. The nutritional content of chocolate is quite high. To walk around the world, you need to eat 870,000 chocolate tablets. However, whether or not chocolate causes obesity is still controversial. Some experts reject the idea that eating chocolate will cause overweight and obesity. Chocolate contains three types of Stearic, Panmitic and Oleicz fatty acids. Panmitic is high in fat, which can increase Colestoron, while Oleicz acid is not very fat and will reduce Colextoron. Stearic has no effect on Colextoron content. So the effect of chocolate on your weight is completely neutral.
The number of calories in the types of Chocolate on the market is usually very high, in 100g of Chocolate there are more than 500 kcal. Eating too much chocolate can increase weight, increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. “Although chocolate contains healthy ingredients, if you eat too much, it will bring negative effects,” Franco explained.

The healthful ingredient of Chocolate is contained in bitter cacao, which is free of fat and carbohydrates. “Researchers need to make more efforts to find a way to reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates added in Chocolate products.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030, about 23.6 million people worldwide will die from heart disease. One in five adults can develop metabolic syndrome (visceral fat syndrome) and the risk of type 2 diabetes is very high. Researchers emphasize that diet and exercise are key factors and are key to preventing heart disease.

Health benefits from chocolate

Everyone knows that chocolate is a symbol of sweet love during holidays expressing love. In addition, chocolate also provides health benefits that not all foods can have.You can add daily chocolate to the diet in a reasonable and scientific amount without having to worry about how much chocolate. The health benefits of using chocolate:

– Strengthen health: Chocolate Milk can help you recover quickly after heavy exercise. According to a small study conducted by the University of India: long distance cyclists who drank chocolate milk in between races achieved higher results in the test of stamina and endurance compared to with athletes who only drink regular soft drinks.

– Effective antioxidants: The oxygen we breathe every day helps the body to function but also produces a large amount of free radicals (oxidants) that attack organs in the body. . Cocoa contains large amounts of antioxidants, which are able to neutralize or neutralize these free radicals. According to research, the antioxidant capacity of Chocolate is 4-5 times higher than black tea and 2-3 times higher than green tea or wine. It is because of the flavonoide (the antioxidant found in Chocolate) and other minerals (zinc, manganese, copper) that have made this special use of Chocolate.

– Promotes good cholesterol production: Blood transports cholesterol in blood vessels thanks to “transport proteins”. The cholesterol that is delivered to the liver and excreted is good cholesterol. In contrast, cholesrerol accumulates in arteries, which can cause heart disease, the bad cholesterol. Chocolate and cocoa can protect parts of the body from bad cholesterol. The flavonoide found in this food reduces bad cholesterol and encourages the production of good cholesterol. In addition, the vitamin B3 in Chocolate also allows reducing the risk of thrombosis.

– Against stress: The lack of magnesium will lead to the lack of energy for the body manifested through fatigue, feeling exhausted or feeling anxious. To combat anxiety and stress, nothing can be better. Eat lots of magnesium-containing foods, Chocolate is one of the foods with very high magnesium content. Many studies have confirmed that this element plays an important role in preventing the effects of stress, while eating chocolate will release the protein that helps the psychologist to relax and control the sensitive muscle reactions. can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

– Preventing cancer: There have been many studies showing the cancer prevention effects of green tea, likewise, some recent large-scale studies in Europe – where chocolate is used the most in the world. As a result, the ability of chocolate to prevent cancer, especially dark chocolate, is very clear. This is because chocolate is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

– Stabilizing blood pressure: Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, of Tufts University, found that blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels of people with hypertension dropped significantly after they ate 100g of dark chocolate every day. for two weeks. The same expression was not found in people eating white chocolate, simply because white chocolate does not contain cocoa or flavonoids. 100g of Chocolate is equal to a large Chocolate bar, which means that participants have to cut 400 calories from their daily menu to ensure nutrition. However, it is not necessary to follow them. A small piece of Chocolate every day is enough for you.

– Good for the brain: According to preliminary research by scientists at West Virginia University, eating chocolate enhances memory, concentration, reflexes and skills to solve problems by circulating blood. to the brain faster. Chocolate is especially good for the minds of young women and the elderly.


– Good for teeth: Not everyone knows that chocolate is good for teeth. People often misunderstand that eating chocolate will cause tooth decay. However, chocolate has the ability to fight off bacteria that exist in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

– Remedy for spicy: One of the very interesting effects of chocolate is to cure spicy in the mouth. When eating chili peppers tear the tongue, chocolate is a very effective remedy for spicy. In chocolate high in fat content will dissolve capsaicin which is the spicy substance of chili.

– Other effects: In addition to the specific effects on Chocolate, it is also effective in combating prolonged cough, fighting tuberculosis and lung diseases, and preventing depression of the body. It was scientists at Imperial University (UK) who discovered that theobromine in cocoa, the main ingredient that makes chocolate, is effective in preventing coughing, which is 3 times more effective than codeine, a drug considered Researchers say that the ingredients in chocolate have an anti-oxidant and nourishing effect on the skin. But you should only eat once a week.

Eat a piece of low-fat chocolate or dark chocolate at breakfast instead of bread, rice or noodles, you will feel fuller longer and the next meal will want to eat less. Chocolate is not only good for weight loss but also good for relaxing the mind, helping you to be more alert, excited to start a new working day. This method of losing weight is not time-consuming, not dieting, but still helps you quickly get a slimmer body. Occasionally enjoying chocolate with friends and relatives gives you moments of relaxation and great for your health. Chocolate is also known as an effective beauty therapy because it is very good for female skin. However, you should note that just eating one piece of chocolate in the morning is not enough, you should eat lots of green vegetables, drink plenty of water and do some small exercise to keep your body feeling healthy. strong and not “addicted” to chocolate during weight loss.

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