Discover 4 healthy skin care steps during the Covid-19 season

How to take care of healthy skin during the Covid-19 season when you constantly have to wear a mask? During the days of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pneumonia outbreak, everyone will be aware of the need to wear masks to protect themselves and everyone in the prevention of epidemics. However, long-term use of masks is not only uncomfortable, but also negative for the face, especially those with oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Dermatologists share these effects: “Wearing a face mask for long periods of time will cause the skin to look clogged, clog pores, cause acne, and facilitate bacterial strains. acne develops, so acne is easier to produce. Wearing a mask inevitably creates friction on the skin, although very small but can cause discomfort to the skin, especially for sensitive skin.

So how can you keep yourself safe during the epidemic season and still be able to protect healthy skin these days? The dermatologist has prepared a 4-step pocket-sized secret procedure for healthy skin in any situation.

Step 1: Do not wear multiple masks and should clean your skin with a gentle product
As recommended by the Ministry of Health, you should wear a mask when going to public places or when you are sick or in contact with a sick person. However, you should note that you should wear only one mask at a time and wear it properly, do not wear many at a time because many layers of masks do not help increase the protective effect, but otherwise it will cause the skin to block. clogged and more prone to acne.

If you have to wear a facemask for hours and often work in an office environment or in a dusty environment, remember to wash your face regularly with mild and gentle skin cleansing products to help cleanse. and prevent breakouts. Some healthy skin care products are suggested by beauty experts.

Step 2: Moisturize skin with mineral water containing Serozinc ingredient
After cleansing your skin with healthy, gentle cleansing products, don’t forget to provide adequate moisture to your skin with Serozinc mineral water, especially those with oily and acne-prone skin. This mineral water will help to prevent oxidation, reduce inflammation, soothe red spots and especially alkaline oil for the skin, can help prevent scalp worsening caused by wearing a mask regularly. .

Step 3: Soothe skin in cases of oily or acne-prone skin
In case your skin has a lot of inflammatory acne, swelling or redness, sore skin, pus or old scars, you should go to the hospital or skin specialist clinics to have the right treatment. propriety.

However, if the amount of inflammatory acne is not much or to temporarily relieve acne symptoms, you can use products containing documented anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as active ingredients Niacinamide, LHA, Benzoyl. Peroxide, zinc … to help clear acne quickly, prevent acne recurrence and reduce dark spots.

Step 4: Take care of healthy skin: Apply sunscreen
Never think that a mask will be a sunscreen for your skin and do not need to wear sunscreen. Because the mask you’re wearing doesn’t have the ability to block ultraviolet rays and their harmful effects on the skin, such as darkening post-acne spots, freckles and dark spots. aggravating or causing skin aging.

The steps above are healthy and basic knowledge to help you remain bright and confident in the stage when you need to perform more protection for the body.








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