Cold ice has an unexpected beauty effect

The familiar cold ice everyday helps the body quench thirst quickly, bringing a sense of comfort. But few people know the beauty of those small cold stones. Our article below will help you learn some magical beauty tips from ice.

Use ice for skin care

Skin is always extremely important for everyone, especially for women. According to many dermatologists, you should wash your face every morning with ice cubes in the cupboard. The cold of them will help you own more rejuvenated skin, fade and eliminate wrinkles as well as help your cheeks be ruddy naturally.

You can also automatically create stones that combine with natural cosmetics with vegetables, fruits to help skin get the most osmotic nutrients. When you make ice for skin care, do not use water directly from the tap, so be careful to use cool boiled water to ensure the killing of large numbers of bacteria to the skin.

In the ways of skin care with ice, you can flexibly use the same fruit, fruit mask mixed with shaved ice and make a skincare mask to apply directly on the face. Can use many kinds of natural ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, aloe vera, lemon … can be combined with stones to increase the skin beauty effect. Using ice made from rice water or tea water has a very good skin-conditioning effect.

You should use stones that are suitable for your skin:

Know how to choose a stone that suits your skin

For normal skin: This type of skin is the easiest to care for. You can use the rice water to make ice to care for the skin. In addition to making the skin smooth, naturally beautiful, your skin is clearer. You only need to take the boiled rice water part during the cooking process, let it cool down and then put it in the fridge. However you should only use within a maximum of 3 days.

For dry skin: This type of skin should prefer to use ice made from leaves, fruits. Dry skin should choose fruits like dandelion, or dandelion. With these fruits you still make normal ice, instead of ice from filtered water you replace with juice. These fruits you pureed them to get the juice, then put in a cup of water to get the whole part of non-sticky water and then store in the refrigerator. Note this stone can use 5 days is maximum.
For oily skin: This type of skin is difficult to care for and has a large sebum, causing acne to grow more than usual. Stone skin care with this type of skin is also more sophisticated. You need to use many different types of leaves, with the above mentioned materials are usable, in addition to adding cucumber juice with 1 to 2 drops of fresh lemon. But if used, the shelf life will be reduced by 1-2 days.

Ice made from tea water (black and green tea): Very good for any skin type if daily washed with ice cubes made from concentrated black tea or green tea water. Should cool to cool new water into the freezer.

Ice cold dispel unpleasant itch 

If an insect stings or bites, use an ice pack placed directly on the insect bite, this will help you reduce itching and prevent the spread of toxins. Be careful not to leave it for more than 30 minutes because too long will cause the area to hurt.

Tighten pores

Ice is very good to help tighten pores on your face. You only need to take a small stone and gently rub it on your face to make the pores smaller. When you use ice, the entire skin cells will shrink, the pores are smaller, so you do not need to spend too much effort on skin care.

You can also use lemon juice when washing your face. You just need to prepare the lemon, cold water and mix together. Gently massage the mixture onto your face, massage it all over your face for 3 to 4 minutes so that it penetrates and cleanses your face. Next, just rinse with warm water and you’re done. The amount of acid available in lemons will help you dispel stains, erase many unwanted bruises on the face.

Cure sunburns 

If you accidentally burn or sunburn extremely uncomfortable without timely treatment will easily leave many ugly scars. Quickly take an ice pack and place it directly on that area to reduce the irritation. You will be surprised to find that the blister burns by the sun are quicker and more comfortable. To increase the soothing and healing effect, If you want your skin to be cooler, you can use ice made from aloe vera that is benign and better for the skin.


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