Benefits and usage rice water for hair

For decades, Japanese women knew how to use water to beautify skin and hair. Thai ethnic people in Vietnam also often wash their hair with rice water to have long, strong hair. So what is the use of water for washing rice and how to use it, the following article will guide you step by step to have a beautiful hair as you like.

1. What is rice water?

Everyday during the cooking process, we often use rice to wash it with water to remove dirt. The type of water used to clean rice is the water that we are talking about. This type of water contains a lot of B vitamins, especially inositol, also known as vitamin B8, which works very well for the hair.

The water to wash the rice is usually milky white, that’s because of leftover starch residue from the rice. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial for health. The Japanese often call rice water Yu Su Ru, the traditional water used to wash hair of the Japanese. They consider this an exceptionally good water that not only cleanses the scalp, but also makes the hair healthier.

2. The benefits of water to wash rice

The water to wash rice has many effects on health and beauty. You can use rice water to wash your face, bathe and wash your hair. Rice water will help soften and improve skin whitening, even color, firm skin and shrink pores.

According to research in the rice broth contains a lot of antioxidants with high moisturizing properties. So washing hair with rice water is just as good as washing with beer. It helps hair to be healthy and recovers better. Besides, it also prevents the formation of dandruff, limits hair damage and makes scalp softer. If applied regularly, you will have better hair than normal washing.

In addition to freshly washed rice water, people often use the water to wash sour fermented rice. This water is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E and pitera, substances produced during fermentation. These nutrients will help the skin heal scars quickly, reduce wrinkles and inflammatory diseases, give you a rosy and healthy skin.

3. Is it good to wash my hair with rice water?

Washing your hair with rice water not only makes your hair darker, but also nourishes the hair from root to tip in a firm and silky way, eliminating dandruff, hair loss and problems.

Many people who have washed their hair with rice water for a long time said that the rice water will reduce the surface friction and improve the elasticity of the hair, so that the hair is less tangled and smooth, shiny, easy to access. sticky and softer.

In addition, the rice water also cleans the hair very well, but it dries quickly without using a dryer, without losing the scalp’s natural moisturizing oils.

According to scientific studies, inositol in rice broth has the effect of preventing stress, depression is the cause of hormone changes that cause hair loss in many people.

In addition, inositol also helps stimulate hair growth faster, hair is durable and withstands external influences such as curling without worrying about breaking, losing, helping to restore hair that is in the period of damage.

4. Shampoo recipes with rice water

You can wash your hair with freshly washed rice rinsing water or let the water wash the fermented rice and wash it well.

4.1 How to make water to wash fermented rice

First of all you need to get water to wash the rice. You can keep the water that rinses the rice while cooking. After washing, remove the first water because it contains a lot of dirt.

You can also pour a lot of water into the rice cooker and bring it to a boil then drain and pour it with water to wash the rice before. Leave the water to wash the rice in a glass bottle, keep it at room temperature for one day or until the rice water is slightly acidic and starts to ferment.

Next, boil the fermented rice water at high temperature to prevent re-fermentation. Turn off the heat to cool, add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil.

Leave the fermented rice water in the refrigerator to use gradually. You can use it to wash your hair, wash your face or shower. Should be used up in 7 days. If the rice water is too thick, dilute it to prevent it from becoming lumpy when washing your hair. Usually, you mix 1 cup of fermented rice water with 10 cups of warm water or lobe in the proportions you see fit.

4.2 How to make water to wash rice by soaking

This is the quickest and easiest way to get rice wash water. First you take a half bowl of raw rice, add 2-3 bowls of water to wash it. Pour this water away because there is a lot of dirt. Then pour into a large bowl, soak for 30 minutes with 2 bowls of water. Finally decant the clean water into another clean bowl.

4.3 How to make rice water wash by boiling rice

Add half a bowl of rice with twice the amount of broth used for cooking. Boil the rice in boiling water and drain the rice water into a clean bowl. This is the rice water we use to wash our hair.

5. Instructions for washing hair with rice water

Step 1: Prepare a plastic pot used to hold diluted rice water and a bucket of water to scoop water and rinse it on your hair. While washing, you should bend down so that the pot so that the rice water will fall is still in the pot.

Step 2: Gently massage the scalp and continue pouring the rice water onto the hair. Add a few essential oils you like and then continue the massage for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse hair with clean water. Apply this method of washing hair with rice water once a week for long, shiny hair.

6. Notes on washing hair with rice water

Obviously we see what effect washing our hair with rice water has on through the above article. However, whatever the method, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you know how to use it, it will limit the disadvantages and increase the efficiency of using it higher. The same goes for washing hair with rice water. To achieve the best results, you need to keep the following in mind:

Do not use rice water to wash hair for people with greasy scalps. Only people with dry hair, less oil should use it because the water that rinses the rice makes it easier for the hair to become thicker when washing.

It is advisable to remove the water to wash the first rice because there may be residues of plant protection substances, pesticides, and dirt that are harmful to health.

Many people have the habit of washing their hair with water to wash the rice, then keep the same to let the nutrients penetrate deeply into the hairline. This is completely wrong because the nutrients and dirt in the rice water, if not cleaned, will remain on the scalp, causing itching, and worse, can cause scalp fungus.

NOTE: Washing your hair with rice water is definitely not suitable for everyone and not everyone likes it the first time. But its effectiveness is definitely beyond doubt. So why not try this method when your life is facing too many harmful chemicals that are harmful to your health? Try it and share with us what you think!

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