Beauty with small tips

Healthbeauty24h would like to suggest you small but extremely useful beauty tips, helping you to be more satisfied when caring for beauty.

Detoxification for face skin:

According to Japanese dermatologists, every week, you should let your face get rid of harmful factors and become fresher, healthier thanks to only 2 days of washing your face with warm water, not using anything anything including lotion and cleanser. This should be done on weekends, avoid getting into air-conditioned rooms and places that are too dusty, restrict starches, sugars, grease and should drink unsweetened smoothies.

Defeat acne:

With mild forms of inflammatory acne, you can limit their swelling by a very small amount of toothpaste on the acne area before bedtime and wash it off after waking up. The active ingredient in toothpaste will help cleanse the dirt that clogs pores and dry, sagging skin (natural toothpaste extracted from natural (organic) will be more effective than industrial toothpaste).

Apply oil / lotion like in a spa:

There is an easy way for creams or conditioners to soak up as quickly and effectively as in a spa. That is, you put oil / lotion into a small bowl and put into the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Then, when the cream is still warm, quickly apply it, massage your body and enjoy the feeling of pleasure.

Avoid edema when pulling eyebrows:

When you shave or pluck your eyebrows, so that the skin around your eyes is not injured and saggy, apply a sponge or cotton ball dipped in a mixture of warm water and lotion. Then apply on the eyebrow area for 2-3 minutes to soften the skin and eyebrows before shaving or pulling.

Instant silver hair disguise:

You suddenly realize you have so many gray hairs that you haven’t dyed it yet. The immediate solution is to use mascara. Applying just enough mascara to make a sheet of plastic and then brushing it on the gray hair will help instantly blacken the hair.

Detoxify the skin with fresh fruit

In 2 days of detoxifying your skin, you should increase your intake of fresh, unsweetened juices.

For more beautiful foundation cream:

If your skin is dry and difficult to eat foundation, mix a few drops of lotion into the foundation, gently rub your hands together to warm the cream and spread evenly on your face.

Anti-wrinkle lips when applying lipstick:

Wearing a lot of lipstick will make your lips change color and wrinkle easily. You should purchase lip balm separately to minimize this effect. In addition, apply a small amount of anti-wrinkle essence on the face or eyes. Then use lip balm and the next lipstick color steps.

Tips to keep the lipstick in color:

To apply lipstick that lasts longer, apply a thin layer of favorite lip color on the lips, then slow down with a tissue. Continue to cover the lips with a layer of chalk. Lastly, apply one shade of lipstick as you like.

Using perfumes too much:

The trick to getting rid of excessive fragrance is to put some alcohol on a cotton cloth and place it on parts of your body or clothes that you’ve accidentally sprayed too much fragrance. Alcohol will help reduce the odor effectively.

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