Beautify your body every day of the week

You are busy and lack of time to take care of body beauty. From now on, make sure you have your body in order every day of the week. Still a matter of time? Don’t worry, it only takes less than 5 minutes for each operation.

Monday: Stretch your neck (2 minutes)

The exposed neck and neck are areas that tend to be forgotten in beauty, often under attack from the outside environment, no less than the face and skin, which are very sensitive and fragile. Without regular care, your neck skin and exposed shoulders will wrinkle quickly.

Choose a quick-acting anti-wrinkle cream or mask that contains special activity against skin aging. They create a feeling of relaxing the tissues of the neck thanks to their soft, anti-oxidant properties and create a smooth, smooth look for the skin of the neck. These products also inhibit the formation of melanin, which causes brown spots on the skin and prevents skin pigmentation deficiency. Perform a gentle swipe of your hands starting from the neck area to the shoulder opening.

Tuesday: Hold chest tight (1 minute 30 seconds)

Only the outer layer is able to maintain the aesthetics and firmness for the chest. These are factors that are affected by fluctuations in hormones and lose the chest curve in case you have a change in weight.

Choose a serum specifically designed for breast care, which has a stretching effect and creates a smooth appearance for chest skin. This type often has activity to maintain elasticity of chest skin. After applying to the skin, massage in circles on the chest area.

Wednesday: Tummy tummy (1 minute)

The abdomen is a place often under pressure due to excessive eating. In addition, its lack of aesthetics is due to the lack of exercise, lack of care, leading to a slender stomach.

Choose an herbal-based abdominal care product, which helps reduce fat accumulation and firm belly tightening agents, to improve your waistline and tighten your belly skin, making you feel like you’re using it use the waistbelt gene. To increase the beauty effect, apply the product on the abdomen first, then massage in a circle around the abdomen.

Thursday: Smoother the arm (2 minutes)

The skin of the arms tends to dry out very quickly, especially on the elbows. Although less exposed to ultraviolet radiation than the face and neck, the inner part of the arm is very sensitive to skin care.

Choose vitamin A and soy milk extracts for smoother skin. This type helps retain water for the skin thanks to the softening activity, helps the skin become smoother. From the age of 40, pay attention to the solution to regenerate elastic fibers and strengthen the epidermis of the arm.

Friday: Buttock and foot care (3 minutes)

Along with the changing weather, rubbing when wearing tight-fitting clothes leads to dry and chapped skin. Therefore, do not forget to take care of damaged skin areas, bring a solid, soft beauty to the skin as well as limit the development of oversized curves in the buttocks and legs.

Choose products made from ivy, which help strengthen and beautiful skin thanks to the ability to reactivate the synthesis of collgene, and improve the quality of the skin. Do not forget to massage the same product for the heel, lower leg and thigh high. Finally, massage the circles on your buttocks.

Saturday: Caring for hands and feet beauty (3 minutes)

This is a free time for you to take care of your hands and feet. After a shower or shower, while the skin is still soft, choose a moisturizer that holds water for a healthy massage below and above the feet. Before you go to sleep, do the same for your hands, this is a method of care that exerts a strong impact on the skin during a long sleep from night to the next morning.


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