9 health benefits that will make you love cucumber

Cucumber is the 4th most grown plant in the world because of its positive effects for both taste and health. It is a fruit that provides water, and contains many essential vitamins for the body, so it works to care for both health and beauty.

1. Beauty skin

Many people are familiar with the spa’s signature image of a woman with mud on her face and two pieces of cucumber in her eyes. This image is based on the actual application of cucumber. One of the most typical health benefits of cucumber is its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce puffiness. Moreover, did you know that cucumber’s skin can be used in the same way as aloe vera, to reduce itching and reduce sunburned or irritated skin tissue as well.

2. Lose weight

Cucumber contains a lot of water, up to 95% in fact in a cucumber. The fiber in cucumber helps to retain water 30 times (If compared, the bran only helps retain water from 4 to 6 times). This helps the body feel fuller longer and also aids in digestion, cleansing (or releasing) toxins. Another benefit for cucumber’s weight loss is that it contains B vitamins. Whether dieting or not, anyone can benefit from giving up afternoon coffee and donuts. Eat a cucumber instead, for health and increase low calorie energy.

3. Bone and joint health

With silica (silica), cucumber is important for both bones and joints. Slilica helps form collagen, the protein that helps anchor our bodies in many ways. Cucumber also helps our body absorb calcium – necessary to use to form and maintain bone strength.

4. Anti-diabetes

Another health benefit of cucumber is that it can help the body fight diabetes. Cucumber, especially cucumber juice, contains a hormone the body needs to help produce the insulin that diabetics lack. In addition, because cucumbers have zero sugar, diabetics can enjoy them freely without fearing that their blood sugar will be raised.

5. Regulating blood pressure

This is also one of the great reasons cucumber becomes your favorite dish. Cucumber’s high water content helps clear blood vessels; The phosphorus, potassium and calcium contained in cucumber help lower blood pressure. Cucumber is suggested to combine with carrots, beets, lemon and garlic for a mixed dish, which helps regulate blood pressure.

6. Eliminate halitosis

A slice of cucumber held in the palate for 30 seconds will produce phytochemicals against the bacteria that cause bad breath. Who else needs chewing gum and mints? Use cucumber immediately after meals, and stand up from the dining table with palate no longer unpleasant odor.

7. Prevent unpleasant aftertaste

The cucumber’s water content, electrolytes, sugars and B vitamins in addition to the essential nutrients lost due to drinking alcohol, beer, and dehydration will lead to what is often called an unpleasant aftertaste. . After having a relaxing moment for a fun party, eat a few slices of this special dish before going to bed and give yourself a better feeling in the morning.

8. Kidney health

Cucumber is a diuretic because it contains a lot of water. This helps the body flush out more toxins through increasing urine output. The amount of water regulated helps the kidneys stay healthy and helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

9. Prevent cancer

One of the most common health benefits of cucumber’s properties is its ability to fight and prevent cancer. Researchers have shown that cucumber is effective against various types of cancer: prostate, breast, ovary, lung and uterus. Cucumber is rich in vitamins, along with the anti-cancer ingredients of lutein, fisetin, and caffeic acid. Cucumbers also contain only Cucurbitacins, which have been shown to block pathways and signals related to the spread of cancer.

With such unexpected benefits of cucumber, why not start up a special menu for this dish? You will get the effects you want in the above and much more.

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