6 beauty tips to save the most money with the food available

Preserving the skin from harmful effects from the natural environment such as the sun or the climate, … It is to mitigate the negative effects of “dangerous” free radicals. Using high-class cosmetics is the choice of many women. But sometimes it leaves unwanted side effects. Moreover, the cost is quite expensive. To have youthful skin in the long run, try the following 6 beauty skin tips.

1. Use papaya fruit

Thanks to the high content of Carotene, Vitamin C, essential minerals and Papain Enzymes, … Papaya is considered to be a very good fruit for the skin. Not only can exfoliate and moisturize naturally. But if regularly eat papaya also makes the skin bright, minimize the appearance of age spots. Papaya also has the effect of narrowing pores, making the skin softer and healthier.

Application: Unlike some other natural remedies that require crushing, mixing, etc. You can eat papaya directly. Or you can also apply water to the skin. Both beauty tips provide a complete range of skin such as potassium, fiber, Vitamins A and C.

2. Use avocado

To maintain skin elasticity throughout the body, take the appropriate vitamins. And avocado is a “bank” of vitamins that the skin desperately needs. Avocado is full of Vitamins A, B, D and E. Avocado is richer in potassium than bananas and contains healthy fats – So it can become an ideal moisturizing essence from nature.

Avocado also helps to minimize signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. The natural oils in avocado can even remove dirt on the skin. Avocado is also a great treatment option for patients who are treating eczema, redness and sensitive skin.

♦ Application: If you do not want to spend time making masks and masks. You can crush the avocado and mix it with milk to eat. If you do not want to mix the milk, you can make a smoothie for drinking. However, it should be noted for moderate sugar or milk – To avoid other dangers caused by high sugar consumption.

3. Use honey

Honey has anti-bacterial properties that can aid in the treatment of acne. Moreover, the price of honey is affordable – So you can use to wash your face daily, just a few drops each time.

♦ Application: Simply add a little warm water with honey to make to wash your face. Surely you will quickly have smoother skin with this beauty tip.

4. Good night, limit stress straight

Sleeping less at night or worrying too much can make a woman much older than her actual age.

♦ Solution: Forget everything when you go to bed to have a deep sleep, get enough sleep, reduce anxiety, conflict or depression, … Happiness and not stress is also an effective anti-aging method. most fruit.

5. Diet is good for health and skin beauty

Your skin will reflect your overall health. A healthy, smooth skin indicates a healthy body. You should limit the amount of calories in your diet – Because they also help slow down the aging process.

♦ Solution: If you are afraid of gaining weight, you can cut off the products on your menu. Drinking enough water every day with a diet rich in vegetables, fruits – will help your skin shine. When eating dinner, you need more vitamin C or protein foods – Help the skin restore elasticity and smoothness.

Aging often occurs due to the amount of collagen deficient over time. Leads to the face appear many wrinkles. Adding collagen to the skin means reducing oxidative stress. This gives the skin a chance to regenerate, thereby giving it a supple look.

6. Moisturize the skin by drinking plenty of water

Skin loss of moisture is the cause of rumbling wrinkles. Because dry skin is always a favorable area for wrinkles to proliferate.

Skin that loses moisture will age extremely quickly. Therefore, the addition of moisture is paramount in the care and anti-aging for the skin. 70% of the human body is a mixture of water. Therefore, you should drink enough 8 glasses of water a day to ensure the amount of water provided for the body and skin.

You should also moisturize your skin with a moisturizing serum and apply a mask every week.

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