6 bad habits that clog pores

One of the causes of acne on your face is clogged pores. This condition can stem from your daily habits that are harmful to your skin!

The cause of pores is due to dead cells and dirt trapped in the hair follicles. You will inadvertently increase clogged pores and skin problems if you have an improper skin care routine. Untreated pores not only weaken your skin but also make your skin appear acne, blackheads or whiteheads.

If you find that your skin has clogged pores, then let’s find out if you are suffering from the following bad skin habits.

1. Smoking clog pores
The harmful effects of tobacco not only leave you with lung damage, heart disease, diabetes, and dental disease but also cause you to have skin problems.

According to a 2017 study in the International Journal of Dermatology Research, men who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from acne due to clogged pores compared to non-smokers. Smoking habits also seriously damage your skin by weakening your skin’s elasticity.

You can quit smoking with the help and advice of your doctor in combination with natural smoking cessation methods to soon succeed in quitting this toxic smoke.

2. You do not clean pillowcases clean
If you experience clogged pores, you should clean your bedroom, bed, blankets and pillows more often. Pillow covers and sheets can easily accumulate oil, dirt, and dead skin. Therefore, these deposits build up on your face when you sleep, causing clogged pores and bruising.

3. You touch your face several times
Your hands are very susceptible to bacterial infection because on average, you can touch countless items and materials at risk of germs such as cash, hand wash hose, doorknobs, etc.

If you touch your face continuously, it will transfer many bacteria, viruses, allergens and impurities from your hands to your face. This can clog pores and cause acne on your face.

The best way to keep germs from spreading from hand to face is to wash your hands often and have a loved one remind you every time you touch your face.

4. Sunlight clogs pores
Although the sun’s effect is to provide vitamin D for the body, if you go in the sun too long, the sun’s rays can damage the skin’s collagen. Collagen is the protein that makes the connective tissue to make your skin smooth and smooth. If your skin does not have enough collagen, it will sag easily, creating a chance for dirt to build up and clogged pores.

Going too long in the sun without covering your face, especially not using protective sunscreen, also increases the risk of developing age spots or worse, causing skin cancer such as cell carcinoma. scales.

5. You often talk on the phone
If you often talk on the phone, you will see acne appear along the sides of the face.

The phone is an object that can contain a lot of dirt and bacteria because the surface is usually placed on tables and chairs (where it is easy to accumulate dirt) combined with germs mixed in bags and purses. These bacteria and dirt cause clogged pores and acne breakouts.

You should clean the phone properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the device.

6. You do not clean the skin often
Smoke, sweat accumulated on your face for a day will cause clogged pores if you do not clean your face regularly. Therefore, you should take care of your face during the day and night, 1-2 times a day depending on the type of skin and the level of activity in your day.



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