5 things to know to care for acne skin during puberty

Acne is an obsession of puberty, causing young people to lose confidence in daily communication and activities. How to take care of acne skin at puberty is simple and effective which is the concern of many young people today. Here are 5 tips to help care for acne skin puberty effectively. 

In order for puberty acne to improve its effectiveness, you need to consistently adhere to the treatment indications of dermatologists. Here are 5 essential notes for acne skin care:

1. Do not squeeze acne
Squeezing the acne won’t help it go away, it will only make it worse. Sometimes, squeezing acne also causes acne to be pushed deep into the skin, at the same time causes more inflammation and can leave scars, bruises.

2. Wash your face daily 

Daily cleansing will help remove dirt, unclog pores and eliminate toxins on the skin more effectively. You should wash your face 2 times / day with a mild cleanser to avoid damaging the skin. At the same time, when washing your face, massage gently to avoid scratching or breaking the acne

3. Choose the right type of cosmetics

Be careful when makeup will help reduce acne significantly. First of all, understand the skin to choose the right type of cosmetics. In addition, you should prioritize cosmetics containing gentle ingredients, of natural origin to avoid skin irritation. At the same time, make sure that makeup tools such as brushes, sponge sponges or silicon cleansing pads have been cleaned before use. Another note is that choosing shampoos and conditioners for your hair also requires using an oil-free type, to avoid damaging the acne-prone skin. Besides, also need to avoid touching the hair, especially the skin acne.

4. Protect skin from the sun

Environmental factors such as dust, sunlight, pollution are the cause of acne and make them grow worse. Therefore, always applying sunscreen and limiting direct sunlight exposure will help you improve acne effectively

5. Use acne medication

There is no immediate fix for acne. Many treatments take several weeks to see improvement. Some types of acne can take up to 6 months to remove. Therefore, basic skin care may not be enough. To get rid of acne quickly, you need the help of an acne cream. However, you should also note that, when choosing acne creams should not use products containing corticosteroids, because they can bring many side effects such as: Concave scars, thin skin and recurrent inflammation fast.

Choosing herbal and acne-cleansing products will help improve the skin faster. You can refer to herbal creams with the main ingredient from neem extract (extracted from neem tree or also known as melancholy, Indian oval, …). Numerous studies show that all parts of neem have very strong antibacterial properties, bringing the ability to kill acne-causing bacteria, prevent acne from forming and developing effectively. Not only that, neem also contains compounds that reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne. In addition, the acne treatment of the product will be further increased when combined with precious medicinal herbs such as: Sai earth, celandine, three-prong with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting acne-causing bacteria strains. ; Aloe helps quickly heal scars, minimize ulcers.

Mastering the above tips on how to take care of acne skin during puberty will help the treatment process to be highly effective.



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