5 notes when using sunscreen

How to optimize the effectiveness of sunscreen? You need to be aware of the following sunscreen precautions to ensure the most comprehensive skin protection.

1. How much sunscreen is enough?

Many people do not apply the required amount of sunscreen. The reason may be saving, fear of applying too much on your face, or not knowing how much to apply. Failure to use the required amount of cream will result in sunscreen not being fully effective.

1/4 teaspoon is the minimum amount of sunscreen needed. However, this amount of cream has a slight adjustment depending on the face of each person.

2. Does the sun need to use sunscreen?

The ultraviolet rays exist in the environment usually appear from 10 am to 4 pm every day with strong intensity, can penetrate clouds, office glass doors. Therefore, whether it is shady outdoors or sitting indoors, there will still be harmful UV rays. So no matter what the weather is, sunscreen is still needed to protect the skin.

3. How long do you wear sunscreen before going out?

Any sunscreen takes time to soak into the skin and work. Apply sunscreen before going outside for 15-20 minutes to create the most effective anti-ultraviolet statue.

4. How much is a sunscreen?

For daily activities, working in the office or not being exposed to the sun for too long, a sunscreen with an SPF of only 30 to 50 is the most reasonable. Use a sunscreen with high SPF that can cause skin to become clogged.
However, if you have to work outdoors in direct sunlight or go to the beach, we should choose a sunscreen with SPF over 50 to protect the most optimal skin.

5. Does sunscreen need makeup removal?

Definitely yes. Many people still think that only makeup needs removing makeup. This makes the skin worse, acne prone. Active ingredients of sunscreen that accumulate in the skin will clog pores. So it is necessary to remove these active substances daily by removing makeup to make skin clear and deep.

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