5 mistakes to avoid after beauty treatments at the spa

The skin care at the spa is an essential need of the sisters. Because everyone wants to become more beautiful with fair skin and the best things. However, not every default beauty at the spa will become different, and not just coming here is going to be beautiful because behind that you need a careful and scientific skin care routine.

The beauty after going to the spa is also very arduous, so it should not be subjective and remember not to make the following errors that make you lose money. Here are some notes you should avoid when returning to the spa.

1. Use a variety of cosmetics to hide red, swollen skin

After going to the spa and performing steps such as exfoliating, sucking acne, squeezing acne … the skin may be slightly red due to irritation or slight swelling, it takes time to recover. Many people after going to skin care for fear of bad should try to use a lot of foundation, powder to conceal. Skin that has not yet recovered has been clogged with oil, dust, and cosmetics, making the situation worse. This may be one of the reasons why you go to the spa but the skin is not much better. Remember to give your skin time to “breathe”.

2. Going back to the spa still perform the usual care steps

This is absolutely not recommended, even wasting cosmetics. If you go to the spa in the evening, you can be assured you do not need to clean or apply daily skincare steps until the next morning. At the spa, the experts have done all the care steps. Let the layers of cream be absorbed overnight, help the skin recover faster.

3. Do not use sunscreen

At the spa, you have an exfoliating so you do not need to repeat this step 2-3 days after returning to the spa. The best thing to do is to apply sunscreen to protect young skin and new cells that are forming. The skin after squeezing acne, rolling the needle … is quite sensitive, so you need to avoid the sun as much as possible. If you feel dry skin, you can pat a layer of oily moisturizer.

4. Panic and make new acne

Within about 3 days after going to the spa, acne can be pushed to the skin surface more. However, do not be afraid that the previous nursing stages have problems. This is a normal condition for sensitive skin. Let the “baby acne” is peeling for the new skin layer, avoid touching so much skin damage and infection.

5. Go to the spa daily

Going to the spa will make your skin more beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you have to go everyday. The right frequency of going to the spa is 1-2 weeks / times. Excessive use of strong cleansing cosmetics can make the skin sensitive, giving the skin time to rest and recover.


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